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Carla wondered for a moment if she wouldn't feel better if she just seduced Cordelia in return. Just then, her phone switched over to an incoming call, and she noted it was from the front gate controls. Of course, it was also that impulsive, unquenchable ardor Carmen possessed that had also drawn her to her in the first place. " Carmen drew back her hand to hurl her phone in frustration, but at the last second altered her aim so it would hit the thick, designer pillows covering the divan she loved to relax on after a long day of work. yes, I know you have a business to run, but I'm really hurting here. And double again if you have that little brunette, what's her name... She began to hum quietly to herself as she finished arranging the last few papers she needed for tomorrow and made her way to the bedroom to strip down for her massage. She didn't know what to do, what to feel, or even what to think. How was she ever going to break free from this fear that held her back if, when she did, it came back to haunt her like this? After she had chased Carmen from the house, she had turned her anger on Jade. But she couldn't, it simply wasn't in her nature to try and stand up to her mother that way.As she pondered it, she realized she simply couldn't do that. "For fuck's sake.", she again complained to the empty room, "If she'd only just ASKED! I can't think of anyone I'd RATHER show my daughter the love of another woman than my wife. Finally, it struck her what she needed - a massage. All she knew right now was that her entire world was collapsing around her, and it all had to do with the fact that she couldn't simply LET GO. every time she walked to the edge of the cliff to take that leap, she would inevitably back away. It wasn't a good choice to do that with her step-mother Carmen. And now she had to live with it, and try to make the best of it.Carla thought on all this, and also thought of Carmen's daughter, Cordelia. Letting her choose to stay in the house or go with her mother wasn't really a choice at all. "Ma'am, it's Jesse & Berto, from 'Green Cards & Green Yards' landscaping. Thank you." She quickly typed the open code for the gates into her phone and considered whether she should try to call Carmen again.Staying in the home would be out of the question for the tiny, obedient little vixen. We're here for your monthly service." Carmen glanced quickly at the screen and saw the rugged face of Jesse Fernandez, her landscaper. After the initial shock of what she had witnessed wore off, she realized that as mad as she was, it was more from the utter lack of courtesy or respect Carmen had shown than it was the infidelity or that it was her daughter involved. You know the code, let yourself in and meet me there. Thank you so much, sweetie." Carla let a smile touch her features for the first time in what felt like weeks, though it had only been a few hours since she walked in on her wife licking her daughter's pussy like a lollipop. She wanted to stand up and scream at her mother that it was HER choice to confide in Carmen what had happened the night before, it was HER choice to let go and kiss Carmen, it was HER choice to FINALLY open up and EXPERIENCE something in her life.and occasionally throwing each other playfully into the pool.As they emerged glistening wet from the pool, the light of the midday sun and the reflection of those fleeting drops of water on their brown skin brought into vivid relief the muscular, toned physique of both men and involuntarily, Jade licked her lips and sighed.And now, between the fact that she was alone, and the tumultuous thoughts running through her head, she couldn't focus enough to even bring herself off to relieve the aching in her pussy.

When he's not working at the business, Berto plays soccer on a local club team, so he is in exceptional shape and extremely attractive, though he is only 5'5".

***** New Characters: Jesse Fernandez - The 35 year old owner/operator of a lawn care/landscaping company.

He is a 5'10" Mexican-American with short cut, wavy black hair and a warm smile.

His skin is dark brown, a mix of his ethnic heritage and his many hours work outdoors.

He is fit and strong from his many years of manual labor.

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